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Days 5-20

Beginning to understand just how hard this is!

It is only when you are actually doing this, that you begin to appreciate how much is involved. I had read this previously from countless creators, but I only truly understand it now. And of those many things, you never fully realise what will pay dividends until after the fact (and even then not completely), so some of what we have done has worked, some hasn’t and other things, well we will just have to wait and see.

So a quick recap on what we have been up to since our last update-

  • Ceaseless round of emails and follow ups
  • 12 Meetups attended
  • Stall @ Soho Village Fete
  • Dragon Hall Summer Fair
  • Squad’s 21st Birthday
  • Tech Demo @ local primary school
  • London Business Network Lunch
  • Radio Broadcast (30/07) Prep
  • Learning Disability School Parent’s Evening
  • Oh and a trip on the London Eye for the launch of A Vision for Young Londoners
    Where has all of this placed us?

Well, we currently sit with 150 backers engaged, £4,493 pledged and 11% of our goal still to get. So, as we enter the final third of the campaign, we are in a good position, but not complacent. I have a feeling that this final £507 will be the hardest to get.

And if we reach our goal, what then?

First up, my attitude is let’s get there. But assuming we do, then we want to push on, as the more money that we raise, the more young people will benefit from our programmes.

I had never really paid much attention on the idea of stretch goals outside of running more programmes. But here is an opportunity to involve you, our supporters, in starting to shape what we do. This is the first time we have asked, not simply for your financial support, but for your creative input. So, assuming we go beyond £5,000, what would you like us to do? We are entirely open to ideas on what this might be, so go get creative.

Finally, apart from to point you to the photos below that show some of the work in action, all we have left to say is thanks for all the support, tweets, emails and commitment you have shown to this project. It means the world to us.

Team LonDIN

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