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Kickstarter Creators & a Million Meetups

One of the things that I realised early on about this campaign was that our own networks and contacts wouldn’t be enough to get us funded.

So I decided to do two things – firstly to reach out to all the Kickstarter projects that I had backed and then to find other groups/ people who might be interested in our work. Now with 680 projects to contact, that is a lot of emails to write. And then follow ups. And then follow ups to the follow ups. I am constantly trying to balance the need to keep up our good start with not becoming a pest. It is a fine tightrope to walk and I hope that I am getting it right. But so far we are doing ok with support, be it creators who have backed our project and others who have promoted us on social media or websites.

The other thing was to get the project in front of people. Now as I mentioned, our own connections would probably not be enough. So I searched around and found Meetup is a global platform where people come together around shared interests, be it walking, food, reading or making friends. I searched out Tech & Business Meetups, thinking that this would be a good way to find people who might be interested in our work. I have joined Meetups aimed at Entrepreneurs, Ed Tech, Virtual Reality, Start Ups etc, 217 in total.

And not only have I been able to talk to literally thousands of people about our campaign, but I have also learnt so much from the huge variety of people that I have met. They have been very supportive of the idea, but have also challenged me to hone & develop it.

As a result, LonDIN is much clearer about what it is and what it wants to become. This Kickstarter is very much the start of that journey, by no means the end. I think we have a great idea that has huge potential to benefit young people around the world. And that is pretty exciting stuff.

So days 3 & 4 involved lots of emails and attending Meetups, which will probably sum up my life for the next 25 days. But it is paying dividends, as we now have 75 backers and 46% of our total goal. Next week will see a big media push, as we reach out to journalists, websites & blogs who can write about our work.

But for now, hope you are all well.

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